This is for all you moms out there that don’t think you are enough…you are ah-mahzingly enough! Your babies love you with or with out make-up on, they love you if there are dirty dishes in the sink, they love you if you buy generic potato chips and they love you even if you yell (and I do a lot!)

It’s unfortunate that we put so much pressure on ourselves but we all do it. However, it is time to realize we live in a much different world than our parents and even more so than our grandparents. The time has past that the home and children were the only concerns for most moms. There are more women in the workplace then ever before and even more record-breaking numbers of women in high corporate positions and entering the science field. Come on…that is frickin’ awesome! Not to leave out the wonderfully fantastic “stay-at-home” moms that are anything but. These are the woman that run the PTA, volunteer at essential non-profits, plan the birthday parties, coach the kids’ sports teams and are constantly the crutch we all lean on in a moment of need. Moms are true rockstars!

So, now that you know how awesome and amazing you are let me ask you this, why do we feel so guilty asking for help? We all have spaces in our homes that get out of hand and start to overwhelm us (yes, I do too) and review our to-dos in bed keeping us awake at night wondering how we will get it all done.  Now, I can almost guarantee you our husbands have little to no guilt taking their car to a mechanic, hiring a handyman, having the lawn cared for by a service or even having the dog poop picked up by someone else. So why is it so hard for us to ask for help with organizing, seasonal decorating, meal planning, laundry, dishes and everyday errands? I don’t mean to feed into stereotypical gender rolls here but bear with me as these are the concerns I hear daily from moms just like you.

Times are changing and it is a good thing! Give up trying to be all things to everyone and focus on what you enjoy and love most whether it is furthering your career, being present for your family or taking time to give yourself some love. You are enough.

Now for my shameless plug…Queen City Concierge has created a monthly package for $99 per month. The package includes two hours of service per month (yes you can always purchase more time), unlimited vendor referrals and access to perks and exclusive member only offers. I love this plan because any one can benefit from it. Use it to maintain trouble areas in the home, as a back-up plan for the unexpected, assistance with birthday parties, absentee home checks while you are away, holiday decorating and so much more. Contact us to find out more and let’s put an end to mom guilt.

Your friendly concierge,

Ashlee Ferguson
Queen City Concierge Founder

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